Research Interests

Data model, ontology, and data semantics
This type of research focuses on using qualitative instead system to encode and describe geographic features. Qualitative systems are more natural to human in its everyday interactions with space (e.g., navigation). They can be more precise than quantitative systems in defining geographic features and leading to a more intelligent way of classifying these features.

Cyber-infrastructure and GIS
The work involves developing and designing web-based infrastructure for recording and analyzing spatial and temporal data. The infrastructure is developed to serve high-resolution data of diverse sources and to enable efficient data analysis for decision support purposes.
Public Health and GIS
The work involves the application of GIS in uncovering the potential relations between environmental determinants and certain public health issues. Previously, I worked on Malaria and environmental determinants in Kenya. The current issues I am working on is the liver fluke (Opistorchis viverrini) in NE Thailand.

Geovisualization and exploratory data analysis
The work involves using self organizing map (SOM) to visualize high dimensional data on a two dimensional plane. The tool provides a convenience means to uncover patterns that are hidden in the sea of data.
Other Research Interests

Other research interests
GIS can be applied to solve various real world problems. I have conducted research in the following types of GIS applications: 3D building models, urban transportation, volunteered geographic information (VGI), natural hazards and emergency responses, and historical GIS.